2020 Fire Season + Updates

We’ve already seen a 40-acre blaze this month: the #BaseballFire near the Mendocino/Glenn County line in Northern California. This had a moderate rate of spread and drew resources from both the Mendocino National Forest and Cal Fire. There is no update so far. I can’t remember the exact date last year when we had the first 1,000-acre-plus grass fire in Kern County. I wonder when we are going to get our first one this year in Southern California. Today, LAFD was on a one-acre brush fire at Winnetka Avenue and Porter Ranch Drive. This is happening in 25-mph winds but FFs report no downrange spotting. This is February. (Below is a screenshot from the Fire Weather Snooper, an invaluable tool for knowing what’s blowing where and how low the RH can go. You can customize it based on weather station codes; sometimes, random stations from other states show up for no reason.
I hope that @PulsePoint will soon add call readouts on the app for Cal Fire units in San Diego and Riverside counties. (So far, San Luis Obispo is the test bed.) You can use the web version here. Of course, fire season being early means more suffering for people like me with asthma. An ER nurse told me when I was admitted for respiratory failure last fall that they had seen hundreds of patients in one day during a spate of fires and wind. Not looking forward to that.